Kubota KX121-3 converting from Rubber to Steel Tracks

Your rubber track broke on your Kubota KX121-3 or it’s getting close. You’re thinking “I hate rubber tracks” “do I really need them?” And, you’re wondering if it’s a costly and complicated process to convert to steel. It’s not complicated nor costly. However, if you call the dealer you might get a different and more expensive answer.

Change Sprockets

My recommendation is always to change out the sprockets. Generally, It’s an item you’d change if installing a new set of rubber tracks. Let’s face it, you’re spending a few thousand dollars on steel tracks it’s not a huge leap to add an additional $250 for a set of sprockets. Besides, if you don’t do it now you’re more than likely going to have to do it 300 or 400 hrs later.

This customer is based in Utah. You can see from the photographs his Kubota KX121-3 really has no need for rubber tracks. After rolling out the steel tracks, drop the machine and bottom rollers onto the chain. Wrap the chain around new sprocket and idlers. Next, drive the master pin in, grease up idler and it will be ready to go. Steel tracks are built for your rubber track undercarriage. No need to buy conversion kits.

The only hassle, and it’s a small one. I you’ll do well to freeze the pins over night making it easier to drive in. Always make sure you have counter pressure on other side of the chain link because as you’re driving the pin in it’s possible to bend the chain link. It’s not necessarily a catastrophic event but it can be a pain.

Cost Benefit to Steel Tracks

If you’re not worried about asphalt and concrete the biggest advantage to switching to steel is dealing with a broken track. You have to completely replace the rubber track and with steel you only have to replace 1 or two chain links which will cost you around $25 to $50. Not the current rubber track replacement cost of $1000!

If you have any questions call me 360-906-0109 and I’ll be happy to help.

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