Steel track with rubber pads for a CAT 304CCR


Maximize Your CAT 304CCR’s Performance – Unlock unparalleled durability and versatility for your CAT 304CCR mini excavator

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Maximize Your CAT 304CCR’s Performance – Unlock unparalleled durability and versatility for your CAT 304CCR mini excavator with our premium steel tracks equipped with bolt-on rubber pads. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of construction, demolition, and landscaping projects, these tracks offer the perfect blend of toughness and flexibility, ensuring your equipment operates efficiently on any terrain.

Features and Benefits:

• Enhanced Durability: Our steel tracks are crafted from high-grade steel, engineered to withstand harsh working environments and extend the lifespan of your mini excavator. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and repairs.

• Bolt-On Convenience: The rubber pads are easily bolted on, allowing for quick installation or removal based on job requirements. This feature provides the flexibility to switch between surfaces without damaging the work site, making it ideal for projects on sensitive grounds or finished surfaces.

• Improved Traction: The rubber pads offer exceptional grip and stability, reducing slippage on wet or uneven terrain. This ensures safer operation and enhances the machine’s performance, especially in challenging conditions.

• Reduced Ground Damage: The soft rubber pads are gentle on surfaces, significantly reducing the impact on landscaped areas, pavements, and other sensitive surfaces. Maintain the integrity of your work site while achieving optimal productivity.

• Versatile Application: Whether tackling projects in urban settings or navigating through rugged landscapes, our steel tracks with bolt-on rubber pads provide the reliability and adaptability your CAT 304CCR needs to excel.


• Compatible with CAT 304CCR Mini Excavator
• Material: High-grade steel (tracks), Premium rubber (pads)
• Installation: Bolt-on system for easy attachment and removal
• Package includes: Set of steel tracks with pre-installed rubber pads

Invest in Reliability

Elevate your CAT 304CCR mini excavator’s capabilities with our steel tracks and bolt-on rubber pads. Designed for professionals who demand the best, our product guarantees to enhance your machine’s efficiency, safety, and versatility. Whether you’re excavating, demolishing, or landscaping, our tracks are the upgrade your equipment deserves.

Transform the way you work—choose our steel tracks with bolt-on rubber pads for unmatched performance and durability.

Weight 2145 kg
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 36 cm