Stanley Trachorse Rubber Tracks FIXED

A customer could not find Stanley Trachorse Rubber Tracks. He experienced a broken track system two months ago, and no one was able to assist. Together, we determined that the track dimensions matched those of the Kubota U10 and Kubota U10-3. Keep in mind the original Stanley Trachorse Rubber Tracks are 200mm wide. However the most common inventory items are 180mm or 230mm wide. The 230mm wide can potentially make contact with your frame.

Stanley Trachorse Rubber Tracks

The Stanley Trachorse, with model numbers MHP32232100 / MHP32242100, is a versatile, self-propelled hydraulic power pack capable of transporting tools and equipment in various job site conditions. Its user-friendly controls facilitate maneuvering in numerous applications, and its auxiliary hydraulic tool circuit is designed for continuous-duty applications, featuring the high-efficiency cooling standard on all Stanley hydraulic power units.


  • Operating range of 5 or 10 gpm
  • Gasoline-powered engine
  • Keyed ignition system
  • Dead-man style control valves
  • Built-in hydraulic tool circuit with HTMA quick-disconnect couplers
  • Self-propelled rubber tracks with an automatic track tensioner
  • Capable of 360-degree turns within its own length, reversibility, and 60% grade climbing
  • Supports over 1,000 lbs/454 kg load capacity
  • Large lifting eye for effortless loading and unloading
  • Integrated brake that holds the unit on an incline when controls are released
  • Self-cleaning mechanism for ballast and gravel from track system